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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Working for Ballet

This past Spring Break I journeyed to Spain where I had the best 8 days of my life...thus far. The one catch with the trip was that if my parents paid, I would have to work for whichever Ballet Intensive I was to attend for the Summer. And this brings us here where I am working as a secretary at my parent's Inn. I don't really mind it though, because I'm actually saving money being here. Otherwise I'd be shopping downtown buying more clothes, which my closets have already “OD”ed on, and also I get all the coffee I want here, unlike at Starbucks where a good percentage of my cash is lost. (I can't help myself, their skinny vanilla lattes with a double shot espresso, are so worth it!) Commercial hate relationship.
So my work load tonight: answering the phone, making dinner reservations, calling cabs, checking in guests, printing our new brochures, and *ick* flipping the laundry, but hey it could be worse. I'm here until 10 or so, but hopefully I can finish early so I can watch Pretty Little Liars on the big screen in the dinning room. Weird show, but its good summer tv.
I'm also getting paid to photograph the Inn and the grounds, because our event coordinator needs some new pictures for the website. I love my Nikon d60. Maybe I'll get some good ones today?
I guess I should go fold some more brochures…joy 

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