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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

knee highs & teas

Today I read an article in Cosmo that really caught my eye! I love experimenting with new coffee/tea drinks and this article gave healthy alternatives to to the caffinne fix i need multiple times throughout the day. To change up your usual coffee ruotine, they suggested giving tea lattes a try. I love chai tea lattes, but they recomended green tea lattes because of the antioxidents! I got a grande green tea soy latte from Starbucks and loved it! But I can't give up the coffee and espresso...I am drinking a skinny vanilla latte as I type this, and it is 10:45 PM...I have a problem!!

Another idea is Bubble Tea, "Pearl Milk Tea," which was invented in Taiwan, and is a pretty big fad right now. Its sold around me at this small frozen yogurt shop, and I'm still trying to develop my liking for the interesting drink. Apparently you are supposed to eat the tapioca balls, they're like a jelly texture...something you don't quite expect when you slurp it up in your straw!
As I looked through the rest of the mag, and Vogue, Elle, Boho, and W, I saw one style in many spreads that I love for fall! Knee highs! Mainly with boots, but with flats they're uuber cute too!


Leighton and Blake/ Blair and Serena



Make sure you pick up all of the September Issues!


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  1. bubble tea is where it's at. deeeelicious post mad. love the knee highs.

  2. thanks girl!! lets go get bubble tea asap!

  3. omg i am obsessed with bubble tea!! my favorite is thai iced tea bubble tea!


  4. I love knee high socks


  5. great post...amazing style...nice outfits

  6. I love the knee highs, and its true, sometimes nothing can replace coffee....

  7. Sarah Jessica Parker rocks those knees highs!! I love that look.

  8. I love tea! Knee Highs too! =]