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Monday, August 30, 2010


Summer is almost over and I can hardly believe it! 9 days until I am officially a Senior! And then one more year until ... drum roll please...COLLEGE!!!
This past weekend as a final Summer hoorah, Erin and I went to Stowe, Vermont with her parents and stayed in their relatives huge mansion in the remote mountains!

I had never been to Vermont and whoa was it gorgeous, but there was no cell reception outside of town! I did find that when I stuck my phone out of our bedroom window, I got half a bar, oh countryside -- got to love it!! (It was a good break for my iPhone I'm sure!)
Saturday we went on this 5 mile bike trail along the West Branch River! It was beautiful! The sleek paved trail winded through a few little villages with cute, little, boutiquey shopping! And one of the shops, Green Envy Boutique, really caught my eye! With an amazing wall full of jeans (that I wish I had more time to try on), I was so impressed! I also loved their bohemian flowy jackets, sweatshirts, and skirts that the shop stocked lotssss of! My fav sweatshirt was a 39 Sixtyone @ velvet, a very awesome brand I have just recently discovered! They also had a large amount of the Baroni Jewelry, which is very eco chic!
No Website, but their contact is (802) 253-2661
1800 Mountain Rd
Stowe VT 05672
Mary Lou Baraw

After getting the store owners card and contact info, Erin and I went and got some old fashioned Stewarts soda! Which was a ton of fun! Parked outside was this hilarious van, "only in Vermont!"

After a night of swimming and checking out the pool house turned Workout Gym, we headed home stopping at the Ben and Jerry's Factory! We got to sample the new 2010 flavor Cookies and Milk, which is delish! Check it out for sure!

Crossing the border back to NY, we took the Ferry over Lake Champlain, which was just Gorgeous! Green Mountains and the Adirondacks both on the horizon at the same time! Breathtaking!

Now back in my city, I do kinda miss the country air which holds such a different feeling that I am very glad to have experienced!
Happy End of an amazing Summer!!



  1. Fun weekend!!!! I love mini getaways :)

  2. sounds like a fun getaway... loving ur stripe shirt

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  3. thanks it really was!! and the striped shirt is H&M!
    follow :)