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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

after the surgery

Last Tuesday I underwent the dreaded wisdom teeth extraction. Now that it is over, I realize the anxiety I had encountered was not worth it at all! But after 3 days in bed, icing my face, eating mass amount of Starbucks ice cream, jello and pudding, I ventured out for the last big concert at SPAC, John Mayer, which was amazing and worth the 4 stitches that fell out. (It took another day to recover from that-- thank you Vicodin!) The concert was my first social encounter since the surgery, but today was the first time I was allowed to exercise! It took a week, but I finally got to return to my favorite pilates studio Downtown. It's located in a beautiful 2nd floor studio loft over looking Broadway. But oh boy, has it kept my butt in shape while I have had this time off from ballet!! It was amazing how much harder the work out felt after just a week off! Tomorrow I'll go again, and Friday I'll venture back into the ballet studio--preping to be very very sore! Today after the one hour class, the great instructors allowed me to take some pictures of my friend Erin.

When I got home, my Grams and Momma and I went to lunch at Scallions, which was perfect, because I am still having issues eating solids, and their soups are devinee!! Oh and I almost forgot! We indulged in the Coconut Custard Pie...I need a double pilates class tomorrow!

I should go make those dinner reservations for our guests! And I might as well have another cup of coffee :)

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