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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Who Loves Zara?!

Sevilla, Spain

I discovered Zara this past Spring while traveling in Spain! I immediatly fell in love with the romantic, bohemian, style of such a unique European department store! Since there was a Zara every few blocks in cities like Madrid, Seville and Barcelona, it was easy to spend quite a few (and by few I mean $$$) euros!!

I have been to the Zara in the Upper West Side of Manhattan twice since my trip, but I am so excited that Zara's new website offers online shopping starting September 2nd!! So I decided to dedicate this post to my love of Zara!

I'm loving these fall looks from their August look book, that you all should deff check out!
Scarves and sweaters are two of my passions about living in the North East!
I looove Blazers! They seem to be in almost every store this year,
where they were harder to come by last season! The white pant on this model adds
a fresh look to this Fall outfit without looking too bright!

The opposition of the bulky sweater and cropped slacks creates the fabulous "just thrown together" look
perfect for brunch or window shopping with friends!

Yo necesito visitar la tienda antes de escuela empieza!
Zara makes me want to break out in Spanish, but translation: I need to visit the store before school starts, and the perfect excuse: there isn't an online shop...yet ;)


  1. Me!!!! hahaha! I´m from Spain and I love it!!!


  2. So jealous! I hope to live in Spain one day!! Most beautiful place on Earth! xxoo