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Friday, August 13, 2010

What's your fav sushi roll?!

Bag: Lucky Brand

So, I got that sushi I wanted...just way too much. 4 rolls to be exact; miscommunication across the sushi bar! So I had some friends over for a sushi dinner! 2 orders of cucuumber rolls and 2 orders of garden rolls later and I still have room for coffee fro-yo!!

Even though it was 85 degrees today, I had to wear pants to work.
Go - to summer pant: LINEN!

Linen pants: H&M
T-Shirt: Calvin Klein Mens
Sandals: Zara
Earings, Neclace: Lucky Brand
Glasses: F21

What do you think of the outfit? And what's your fav kind of sushi?!
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