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Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's been QUITE a while...

Hi guys!! I've been pretty absent from the blogging world for some time now! And I'm starting up again! I'll still be on blogger but I recently discovered Tumblr! So check mine out if you would please :)


Happy Saturday Night!! <3

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Miss Blogging

It has been almost a Month since my last post!! Since then, I have started a photography class, Homecomming has passed, I have gone on many college visits, got a new phone, auditioned for the Nutcracker and injured my back. So I have hardly had a moment to sit down and think, yet alone type an entry. I am going to set a goal of posting once a week, because I think blogging is pretty therepudic-- and I really need something like that this year. Senior Year is supposed to be "the best year of our life"... not if you're taking 3 college courses likeee AP Bio, Spanish V University, AP English Lit. Well, English I really love. I have already read two fab plays: Death of a Salesman and A Streetcar Named Desire. Spanish is just mucho speaking hehe. And AP Bio...too much to handle. I want to persevere and finish the course in May...but with college Apps due NOVEMBER 1st (AHH!), the workload of the class is killing me. Tuesday (since its a 3 day weekend) is when the next assignments are due: a HUGE lab write up on diffusion and 44 questions + an after school exam on Ecology. "Dear Ecology...I don't like you very much my friend... at all. Kind Regards..."
But I mean hey, only 9 months left...But I'm not counting or anythingg! HA.

It also happens to be fall, my favorite season for warm layers, boots, scarves and flannel!! Great for bonfires and haunted houses!! Can't wait until Halloween...not sure what I will be though. Ideas???

Happy 3 Day Weekend Friends!!



Sunday, September 12, 2010


Since I started reading Seventeen Magazine, I always would think, I can't wait until I'm actuallyy 17 and read the mag! So yesterday I went to the newstand and bought the new one (I'm lamee)!
The birthday was awesome and we did alot of shopping including bags, shoes, clothes and IPHONE 4, which I absolutely love! All my relatives gave me cash labeled "gas money"... good thing I'm thinking shopping moneyy!

After a great lunch with the fam, Erin and I went in one shop that is one of my favs in town. Speck. In the small boutique you can find great boots, bags, accessories etc! Here are just a few things that caught my eye! Be sure to check their website:


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Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion Week and School Week

Lincoln Center

Sorry its been a while since my last post!!
School started and now so does Ny FASHION WEEK, in an all new location!! Lincoln Centerrr! I was supposed to be in the city for Fashions Night Out tonight, but the train got mixed up! Also tomorrow is my 17th birffday!! So excited! As Fashion Week is kicked off with this awesome event of meet and greets, shows, and special shopping I am celebrating my Birthday early with Family!
Rachel Roy, one of my fav designers, was the main piece of my back to school look!
Rachel by Rachel Roy top

I'll post Fashion week updates a lot the rest of the week!!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Back To School Necessities!!

This week is fullll of back to school shopping and random erend running! I just wanted to share a few of my ideas with ya'll!

First, an AWESOME planner is deff needed, I just ordered one from Anthropologie. They have a really great selection of books and journals, and I never knew!!
Just check the website and I'm sure you'll find some way cool stuffs!

A pencil and cosmetic randomness bag to throw pens and lipglosses in is very much needed to put in whatever bag you carry around to classes. For the past two years I've used the little LeSportsac bags! Vercool patterns this year, and don't forget to check out their special collections like the pleather stuff!

**If you don't already have these items, STOCK UP!!**
1: Birks (Birkenstocks) Gizeh is my fav! I just love how they go with everything and have arch support, very casual and boho for more relaxed summer/fall days :)

2: Cropped shirts, so cumfy, sooo many ways to wear them, and you look chic and relaxed without having to try too hard!
Whitney Port

3: Mass amounts of cheap Forever21 accessories!

So that's just some ideas for today!! Lemme know what's on your top list!!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

5 days!

Only 5 days left of Summer and SO much to do!!
Just a short list:
  • Clothes shopping
  • School Supply Shopping
  • Shoe Shopping
  • SAT Studying
  • Ballet shopping
  • Start writing my college essays and filling out apps!
  • Anddd getting back into a normal sleep schedule!
I also really wanted to get a head start on my reading for AP English this year by reading the Great Gatsby...but I have misplaced my copy...thus going to the Library after work :)

Wait!! One thing on my Summer list, that I needed before Senior Year started!! A ....drum roll...CaR!!! And Yes I did get one! '01 Honda Accord...throwback!! Early birthday present! I've done some shopping for it and there's lots of things one needs in a car that I never thought about! For starters:
hand sanitizer,
floss (already has come in handy),
deodorant (glove compartment!),
oh and CDs...because I don't get my iPod player until my real birthday!!

anything else you keep in yours that comes in handy?

For the next few days until school starts I'm going to do a back to school basics post of my staple needs for the year, fashion and organization wise! So check it out!! xoxo

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Monday, August 30, 2010


Summer is almost over and I can hardly believe it! 9 days until I am officially a Senior! And then one more year until ... drum roll please...COLLEGE!!!
This past weekend as a final Summer hoorah, Erin and I went to Stowe, Vermont with her parents and stayed in their relatives huge mansion in the remote mountains!

I had never been to Vermont and whoa was it gorgeous, but there was no cell reception outside of town! I did find that when I stuck my phone out of our bedroom window, I got half a bar, oh countryside -- got to love it!! (It was a good break for my iPhone I'm sure!)
Saturday we went on this 5 mile bike trail along the West Branch River! It was beautiful! The sleek paved trail winded through a few little villages with cute, little, boutiquey shopping! And one of the shops, Green Envy Boutique, really caught my eye! With an amazing wall full of jeans (that I wish I had more time to try on), I was so impressed! I also loved their bohemian flowy jackets, sweatshirts, and skirts that the shop stocked lotssss of! My fav sweatshirt was a 39 Sixtyone @ velvet, a very awesome brand I have just recently discovered! They also had a large amount of the Baroni Jewelry, which is very eco chic!
No Website, but their contact is (802) 253-2661
1800 Mountain Rd
Stowe VT 05672
Mary Lou Baraw

After getting the store owners card and contact info, Erin and I went and got some old fashioned Stewarts soda! Which was a ton of fun! Parked outside was this hilarious van, "only in Vermont!"

After a night of swimming and checking out the pool house turned Workout Gym, we headed home stopping at the Ben and Jerry's Factory! We got to sample the new 2010 flavor Cookies and Milk, which is delish! Check it out for sure!

Crossing the border back to NY, we took the Ferry over Lake Champlain, which was just Gorgeous! Green Mountains and the Adirondacks both on the horizon at the same time! Breathtaking!

Now back in my city, I do kinda miss the country air which holds such a different feeling that I am very glad to have experienced!
Happy End of an amazing Summer!!