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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Finally home after a surprisingly successful day at work!
  • I made a couple from France a reservation at a family style Italian restaurant off Broadway, Mama Mias. They loved it so much the ordered me one of the pasta specials and brought it back to the Inn for me! Free Dinner!! It was so sweet of them, and delishiiiious!
  • I even finished the laundry in time to watch the finale of Pretty Little Liars! Sooo crazy!!! I think I might start reading the books! Hanna: Hit by a car in the last minute because "A" says "She knew too much." What?! Did she die?? Emily: Her dad is back and her mom knows about her gf?! Aria: Mr. Fitz? Why can't she stick with the high school kid? And who wrote on the back of Fitz's car...Ian? Ian, where did he even come from!? Thus bringing up Spencer, a seemingly innocent home wrecker! It's a melodrama fueled by texting, that's for sure!!!
  • I also watched Make it or Break it... they're trying to incorporate ballet into Payson's new "artistic gymnast" status...but they are failing miserably. There are countless pre-professional ballet schools in the state of California, and they choose extras who do not even know how to plie? It the art form a bad name!
  • I also got some great pictures, even though it was slightly overcast before I went outside!

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