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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Getting Organized

If you searched "pack rat" on, my name would probably be synonymous. But ya know, that really needs to change, it's almost my senior year in high school, the most important year in my life so far, thus organization is critical. Not to the extent of creepy labeled boxes titled "cotton swabs" "erasers" "gum," but just so I can feel that my room is a place where I can relax with out the stress of a floor camouflaged with books, pointe shoes, leg warmers, thongs, bras, magazines and gum wrappers.
Two days ago my mom and I were doing some bargain shopping at TjMaxx, when we found a cute new glass drawing table. The desk that was in my room at the time was a white woodish (not quite sure what it was made out of) desk from the 70s, with 3 drawers that were more of a work out to open then any other desk in the World. So tonight around 10:45 I emptied the old woody desk, throwing away 2 garbage bags full of junk from my junior year, and dragged it into the hallway. I set up the new desk in the corner by my window and it looks awesome! The only thing is, there are no drawers, which actually is a good thing; less space for clutter to accumulate! But tomorrow after 7am pilates (if I wake up early enough,) I'm going to go to Target and TjMaxx to look for small corner book case, and some stackable crate type things for school books and magazines. Now that it's 1am I should probably get some sleep...after I stalk the Target website for a lil smidgin'.

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