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Monday, August 30, 2010


Summer is almost over and I can hardly believe it! 9 days until I am officially a Senior! And then one more year until ... drum roll please...COLLEGE!!!
This past weekend as a final Summer hoorah, Erin and I went to Stowe, Vermont with her parents and stayed in their relatives huge mansion in the remote mountains!

I had never been to Vermont and whoa was it gorgeous, but there was no cell reception outside of town! I did find that when I stuck my phone out of our bedroom window, I got half a bar, oh countryside -- got to love it!! (It was a good break for my iPhone I'm sure!)
Saturday we went on this 5 mile bike trail along the West Branch River! It was beautiful! The sleek paved trail winded through a few little villages with cute, little, boutiquey shopping! And one of the shops, Green Envy Boutique, really caught my eye! With an amazing wall full of jeans (that I wish I had more time to try on), I was so impressed! I also loved their bohemian flowy jackets, sweatshirts, and skirts that the shop stocked lotssss of! My fav sweatshirt was a 39 Sixtyone @ velvet, a very awesome brand I have just recently discovered! They also had a large amount of the Baroni Jewelry, which is very eco chic!
No Website, but their contact is (802) 253-2661
1800 Mountain Rd
Stowe VT 05672
Mary Lou Baraw

After getting the store owners card and contact info, Erin and I went and got some old fashioned Stewarts soda! Which was a ton of fun! Parked outside was this hilarious van, "only in Vermont!"

After a night of swimming and checking out the pool house turned Workout Gym, we headed home stopping at the Ben and Jerry's Factory! We got to sample the new 2010 flavor Cookies and Milk, which is delish! Check it out for sure!

Crossing the border back to NY, we took the Ferry over Lake Champlain, which was just Gorgeous! Green Mountains and the Adirondacks both on the horizon at the same time! Breathtaking!

Now back in my city, I do kinda miss the country air which holds such a different feeling that I am very glad to have experienced!
Happy End of an amazing Summer!!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

knee highs & teas

Today I read an article in Cosmo that really caught my eye! I love experimenting with new coffee/tea drinks and this article gave healthy alternatives to to the caffinne fix i need multiple times throughout the day. To change up your usual coffee ruotine, they suggested giving tea lattes a try. I love chai tea lattes, but they recomended green tea lattes because of the antioxidents! I got a grande green tea soy latte from Starbucks and loved it! But I can't give up the coffee and espresso...I am drinking a skinny vanilla latte as I type this, and it is 10:45 PM...I have a problem!!

Another idea is Bubble Tea, "Pearl Milk Tea," which was invented in Taiwan, and is a pretty big fad right now. Its sold around me at this small frozen yogurt shop, and I'm still trying to develop my liking for the interesting drink. Apparently you are supposed to eat the tapioca balls, they're like a jelly texture...something you don't quite expect when you slurp it up in your straw!
As I looked through the rest of the mag, and Vogue, Elle, Boho, and W, I saw one style in many spreads that I love for fall! Knee highs! Mainly with boots, but with flats they're uuber cute too!


Leighton and Blake/ Blair and Serena



Make sure you pick up all of the September Issues!


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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Military Style and Perfume!

Forever 21 Jacket

Hey guys and gals! It's a rainy Sunday morning, hence I sit here writing this post with a biscuit and a cup of coffee.
Yesterday, I went shopping at our local mall with my friend Erin. I wanted a new outfit appropriate for work and dinner with my Grandma, yet trendy enough to still be my normal style! First we looked at Forever21. I found a cute coat, $40, but put it on hold. To buy or not to buy?
Next we went to H&M, where I found an outfit for $65! Top, bottom, accessories! Pretty good!
Top: $20
Bottom: $25
Bracelets: $10
Necklace: $5
Earrings: $5

Everything is H&M, minus my cheap little flat sandals, which are from the Gap.

I love the shirt; a linen blend material, military style button up! And the skirt is very cool too; stretchy khaki jegging material! The jewelery ties the outfit together, the wooden chunky bracelet and the thin bangles on the other wrist, the wooden gold and black beaded necklace, and finally the golden and black chunky hoops!

On another note, what's your signature scent?!

I currently am alternating between Philosophy's Pure Grace and Bath and Body's Japanese Cherry Blossom!

Any scents you love and want to share with the world?!
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Breakfast with a side of Shopping

Huge Metal Pig!

This morning my Momma woke me up asking if I wanted to get a pastry downtown with her. Skipping ballet, we headed down for a light brunch. We had to park a few blocks from the little bakery and walking up we passed this beautiful antique garden/outdoor art shop. It's located in a small building behind Broadway, and I can't believe the countless times I have walked and driven by, without taking a second glance at this place! Heres just a few things I thought we're awesome!

Puss in Boots!

Yard of Art!

Finally ordering our pastries and tea, I got a rum raisin croissant swirl! Delicious! And my Momma got a small artichoke quiche.

After we ate, we went into this equestrian shop, which I have actually done some modeling for! Anyways, I love their merch. Huge selection of cowboy boots, Luchese and Charlie Horse mainly. They also have some awesome very unique bags! All very pricey, but worth it!

Juan Antonio Bag!

Wall of boots!!

Charlie Horse!
Love the emerald green!
The style is also more of a feminine cowgirl boot!

Funny Sign in the Window!!!!

Today I wore, ribbed jeggings rolled up, with Bernardo sandals, and a long draped tank!
Top: Charlotte Russe
Leggings: H&M
Shoes: Bernardo
Necklace: Me!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sheer Florals Shirts...yes or no?

Blouse: h&m
Shorts: mango

So, this past winter, actually, I bought this sheer black printed floral shirt from H&M on sale from maybe last season. I just threw it on with some shorts for work today. What do you think about the sheer, floral fabrics that seem to be making a come back?

Heidi Klum
Fashion Week


Miss Sixty

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Boyfriend Jeans: Yes or No?

Whitney Port

Rachel Bilson


Shirt: Mango
Flats: F21
Belt: My Grandma
Jeans: Urban

Even though I do own two pairs, I'm still on the fence about the slouchy jean trend, should it stay... or should it go? Comfortable, and fun to wear, these jeans should either be placed with a baggy cropped shirt or a tucked in, tight top. If the shirt is long and not fitted, the trendy slouch look turns into a lazy mess. In the warmer months I pair mine with either ballet flats or wedgy heels, usually espidrilles, where in the winter I pair them with cowboys, other leather boots or Doc Martins!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Centerpiece Looks

Shirt: H&M (Spain)
Shorts: Zara
Belt: Italy
Shoes: Gap
Bag: Lucky Brand
Earrings: Vintage

Sometimes I find it difficult to put together an outfit that works for an entire day's activities. So I usually pick one item of clothing that is the, say, centerpiece, of the look. Then from there you can change the accessories and accompanying garments. Yesterday I picked a long plaid shirt, sleeves folded up 3/4 of the way, as my centerpiece.
On a humid day grabbing a quick bite of lunch at a cafe or chain, such as Panera, I paired the shirt with a chunky belt, hemp shorts and flat sandals.

As it started to rain before I drove to work, I untucked the shirt, ditched the belt, and threw on some BCBG gray jeans, keeping the shoes. (Later when I met up with friends for dinner I cuffed the jeans, for a more casual look.)
Shirt: H&M (Spain)
Jeans: BCBG
Shoes: Gap
Earrings: Vintage

Like the looks? Have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Finally!! Furniture!

So, I finally found one new piece of storage furniture for my room! A silver trunk! It's missing a few studs because I got it at a thrift shop, but it works!

If you like this look, check out this Trunk from Neiman Marcus!
It's about $3,000 more than mine, but its nice to look at!

A more reasonably prices silver trunk: only 60 euros!

What do you think of the silver look??

Saturday, August 14, 2010

PLL: Fashion!

The cast on set.

Once I got over my whole "I'm above this teen show" attitude and watched the pilot of the new ABC Family show, Pretty Little Liars, I was hooked. The fact that this mysterious show incorporates texting as a big part of the conflict relates so well to the current generation of viewers. After the season finale left me hanging, I went out and bought the first book, read it in 2 days, and am now about to start the second book "Flawless." I really like how Sara Shepard, the author, begins each novel with a quote. The first one being a Benjamin Franklin quote (which was incorporated into the shows theme song) "Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead," and the second book's, a Ghandi quote: "An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind." We'll see what that means when I finish reading!! These quick, easy, pool-side reads are perfect to tide us over until the next season!

But, not only is the show a dramatic secret pleasure, but I loveee the clothes!!
Especially Aria's, where many times I went in my closet and recreated joke.
Have any favorite episodes? Like the books? Lemme know!