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Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Miss Blogging

It has been almost a Month since my last post!! Since then, I have started a photography class, Homecomming has passed, I have gone on many college visits, got a new phone, auditioned for the Nutcracker and injured my back. So I have hardly had a moment to sit down and think, yet alone type an entry. I am going to set a goal of posting once a week, because I think blogging is pretty therepudic-- and I really need something like that this year. Senior Year is supposed to be "the best year of our life"... not if you're taking 3 college courses likeee AP Bio, Spanish V University, AP English Lit. Well, English I really love. I have already read two fab plays: Death of a Salesman and A Streetcar Named Desire. Spanish is just mucho speaking hehe. And AP Bio...too much to handle. I want to persevere and finish the course in May...but with college Apps due NOVEMBER 1st (AHH!), the workload of the class is killing me. Tuesday (since its a 3 day weekend) is when the next assignments are due: a HUGE lab write up on diffusion and 44 questions + an after school exam on Ecology. "Dear Ecology...I don't like you very much my friend... at all. Kind Regards..."
But I mean hey, only 9 months left...But I'm not counting or anythingg! HA.

It also happens to be fall, my favorite season for warm layers, boots, scarves and flannel!! Great for bonfires and haunted houses!! Can't wait until Halloween...not sure what I will be though. Ideas???

Happy 3 Day Weekend Friends!!