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Thursday, September 2, 2010

5 days!

Only 5 days left of Summer and SO much to do!!
Just a short list:
  • Clothes shopping
  • School Supply Shopping
  • Shoe Shopping
  • SAT Studying
  • Ballet shopping
  • Start writing my college essays and filling out apps!
  • Anddd getting back into a normal sleep schedule!
I also really wanted to get a head start on my reading for AP English this year by reading the Great Gatsby...but I have misplaced my copy...thus going to the Library after work :)

Wait!! One thing on my Summer list, that I needed before Senior Year started!! A ....drum roll...CaR!!! And Yes I did get one! '01 Honda Accord...throwback!! Early birthday present! I've done some shopping for it and there's lots of things one needs in a car that I never thought about! For starters:
hand sanitizer,
floss (already has come in handy),
deodorant (glove compartment!),
oh and CDs...because I don't get my iPod player until my real birthday!!

anything else you keep in yours that comes in handy?

For the next few days until school starts I'm going to do a back to school basics post of my staple needs for the year, fashion and organization wise! So check it out!! xoxo

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  1. Hi, M.Roseleine, I'm from Italy and I discovered your blog only now. But I love it! If you want, you can visit my fashion-blog: Good morning!

  2. Thanks so much!! I'll check it out noww