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Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Back To School Necessities!!

This week is fullll of back to school shopping and random erend running! I just wanted to share a few of my ideas with ya'll!

First, an AWESOME planner is deff needed, I just ordered one from Anthropologie. They have a really great selection of books and journals, and I never knew!!
Just check the website and I'm sure you'll find some way cool stuffs!

A pencil and cosmetic randomness bag to throw pens and lipglosses in is very much needed to put in whatever bag you carry around to classes. For the past two years I've used the little LeSportsac bags! Vercool patterns this year, and don't forget to check out their special collections like the pleather stuff!

**If you don't already have these items, STOCK UP!!**
1: Birks (Birkenstocks) Gizeh is my fav! I just love how they go with everything and have arch support, very casual and boho for more relaxed summer/fall days :)

2: Cropped shirts, so cumfy, sooo many ways to wear them, and you look chic and relaxed without having to try too hard!
Whitney Port

3: Mass amounts of cheap Forever21 accessories!

So that's just some ideas for today!! Lemme know what's on your top list!!



  1. i love all the notebooks and things on anthropologie, and agreed, accessories are def a must! x

  2. military jackets
    huger than huge headbands.
    and some more tulle.

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